Volley Brawl moved to Kongregate

Open Dev Build 0.2 Release

This weekend we are gathering another time for a private Hackfest @ Till in Garbsen. The number one topic on our agenda was the issue we’ve been facing with the Facebook Open Dev Build 0.1 that we released early this year. According to tester feedback, most people were not able to even try Volley Brawl as they were facing different issues with loading the app.

After long discussions about potential other platforms to build and publish our Open Dev Build on, we finally decided to stick to WebGL but check out Kongregate as a new host, instead of Facebook. We are pretty happy, that only a few hours after, we could push the button to put the latest Volley Brawl Open Dev Build version live, including more than 170 smaller and bigger changes we made, since the release of 0.1!


The changes from version 0.1 to 0.2 include:

Champion Section:

  • As announced before, our third champion Sharon has entered the court
  • You can chose from 3 champions in a provisional champion select menu
  • Champions have slightly different stats (e.g. higher jump, tighter blast, etc.)
  • We created a champion pool system, to prepare the easier admission of new champions

Artificial Intelligence:

  • Till put loads of effort into a complete restructuring of our AI
  • Trajectory path calculations were added to lay the cornerstone for further optimizations

Juice, juice, juice:

  • Added text hints for many moves (dig, high jump, out, throw, etc.)
  • Lost hitpoints are “falling” from the hitpoint bar
  • The bomb changes between four colors (added green) for the amount of touches taken
  • Matthias polished some of our graphics and images
  • We fixed some mistakes in the UI when playing in fullscreen mode
  • The champion images were replaced by champion cameras


  • We are so happy that Unity 5.3.2 update fixed an issue with the cursor keys in WebGL builds (740182)


  • We added some sounds for losing hitpoints, jumping and walking


    We deactivated the Facebook build and moved to Kongregate

Please give feedback:

We really love and looking forward to your feedback on the latest update 0.2 of Volley Brawl.

Thanks in advance!

Have fun,

Your Fantasy Arts Team

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  1. Nice work! All of you!

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