Kitchen Calendar

Open source project launch.

Hey, Community! This time, something completely different: A kind-of-business application. A very, very simple one.

kitchen calendar

“Kitchen Calendar” started when Till and his cousin were about 12. We were trying to do some game development but did not really have a publishing deadline, when Till’s father came into our “office”. He had a demand to print an A4 calendar page for each month so that he could plan the family activities on the kitchen board. Making fun of a huge software company and their release versioning, we developed “Maikrosaft Calendar V0.323”, our first piece of software which actually had a user base (of one happy user^^).

Since then, the program has been ported and rewritten several times – mostly as a handmade Christmas present. According to our memories, we had a Visual Basic version, a C++ version and Borland Delphi version. The latter is still conserved with full source code.


Last year, the user base was doubled, as Till used it for himself. And then, another 50% came in when Till’s brother Jan also started using it. With more users, there is more diversity in the demands, e.g. Jan asked for displaying the calendar week on the pages.

After research on the internet, we found that Delphi is not available for free and Lazarus could not open or convert old project files. Therefore, we have started to rewrite the code in C# as a Windows Forms Application. The project is totally open source and everyone is welcome to participate in the further development.

Be invited to participate!

Your Fantasy Arts Team

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  1. I have uploaded a new build to tryout:
    * The locale is not hard-coded to German any more

    I hope it works now on Thomas’ computer

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