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During the last days, we’ve tested different social media connector plugins to spread news not only on our homepage, but at the same time feed our posts into Facebook and Twitter. After reading through tons of different blogs and articles, we decided to go for these plugins:


Huge thanks to the developers of the above plugins. It’s so nice that you put in that effort and make them available for free! Let’s explain briefly what made up our minds:

Simple Share Buttons Adder

  • this tiny plugin by “Simple Share Buttons” creates nice buttons to most common social media networks
  • a main advantage is, that it simply uses the sharing reference links to the networks and thus needs no special connection or login to the networks (privacy!)
  • at the same time it doesn’t slow down loading speed of the site and is really easy and quick to set up
  • visit the plugin page and learn more

Facebook Open Graph, Google+ and Twitter Card Tags

  • this plugin by “Webdados” adds Open Graph (og) tags to the headers and gives you good control of providing additional og information
  • when sharing contents from WordPress to Facebook or Twitter, for most plugins the featured image is not correctly transmitted, this plugins does it nicely
  • it comes with relatively few and comprehensive set up options, hence it is installed quickly and ready to use
  • visit the plugin page and learn more

NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

  • probably the hardest decision but in the end we chose this plugin by “Next Scripts” over many others we tried
  • there are so many good plugins to do the same job but this one convinced us as it comes with good setup guidelines and sufficient features
  • as the setup is a bit complicated, we’re not too sure, if we’ve done it all correctly… this post will proof us right or wrong 😉
  • visit the plugin page and learn more

What plugins are you using on your WordPress sites and why did you opt for it?

Looking forward to hear your thoughts on other free social media plugins.

Your Fantasy Arts Team

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