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For those who are interested in more details on Volley Brawl…

Within the last weeks and months, we tried to set up a first playable version that we could present to the public, to engage all you guys and gals taking part in the further creation and development of Volley Brawl.

Of course, it is still a long way to go and we are aware of, this is only a first peek we are offering to you. We have planned so many cool features to be implemented in Volley Brawl in the future and have to slow down ourselves to keep track of somewhat structured implementations.

What we have done so far is:

World setup:

  • Creation of framework and colliders (ground, borders, net)
  • Applying physics to all objects
  • Camera views and camera animations
  • Lighting the scene


  • Champions can walk, jump and crouch
  • Champions can blast the ball (regular, jump blast, crouch blast)
  • Players can control champions via keyboard (2 players)
  • Touch controls to test the game on mobile devices (which was not really useful)

Artificial Intelligence:

  • Champions can be controlled by artificial intelligence (1 player)
  • AI can forecast ball flight pathes
  • AI can jump
  • Adjustable difficulty
  • For development reasons: AI vs. AI playmode

Game Mechanics:

  • Losing and gaining hitpoints and touch points
  • Win or lose a match
  • Foul (losing 1 hitpoint on the fourth thouch)
  • Playmode selection
  • Playing around with champion stats (walk speed, jump height, blast force, etc.)

Graphics and models:

  • Creation of the first two champions Tyra and Kyoshi
  • Creation of the first volley court
  • Creation of a ball (or rather a bomb!)
  • Organizing different sorting layers
  • Menue, UI and OSD design

Adding details:

  • Champion base poses (to get an idea how the animations will look like)
  • Adding sounds
  • Screen shakes
  • Start countdown
  • Net bounce and animations
  • Wall bounce and particles
  • Ground touch particles
  • Bomb fire and smoke
  • Bomb explosion
  • Bomb pulsation
  • Bomb touch count visualization
  • Heal and hurt particles
  • Fireworks at the end of a match
  • Background animations

Release preparations:

  • Creating a Facebook app and Facebook page
  • Creating a Volley Brawl section on our blog
  • Unity WebGL template
  • Video recording, editing and publishing

Please give feedback:

At least, we are happy to have reached the first tiny milestone of many more to come: sharing the first open development  build with all of you.

Please be invited to share your thoughts, give feedback, report bugs and tell us of all your nice small and big ideas, that you would like to see in Volley Brawl, to become even more of a game that has casual style and is fun to play.

Thanks in advance,

Your Fantasy Arts Team

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