Introducing Kyoshi and Tyra

The first champions have entered the volley courts!

Our first two champions, Kyoshi and Tyra, nervously waited for the publication of their Volley Brawl player profiles:

kyoshi_01 tyra_01
NAME Kyoshi Tyra
DOB 1998-02-27 1997-07-03
HOMETOWN Osaka, Japan Cape Town, South Africa
BODY SIZE 1.62 m 1.79 m
BODY WEIGHT 55 kg 69 kg
RUN SPEED 10.50 m/s 11.20 m/s
HIT FORCE 375 kg 400 kg
HIT RADIUS 1.5 m 1.7 m
JUMP HEIGHT 2.1 m 2.3 m
STYLE Jujutsu (柔術) Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
DISH Blast Fugu Ice Bomb

Both ladies are eager to get started! What shall we say, we cannot refuse young ladys’ wishes…

Stay tuned, Volley Brawl is coming soon,

Your Fantasy Arts Team

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