Maze Rat Winter Edition

Winter is coming!

We have published our first major update “Winter Edition” for Maze Rat (Google Play Version 1.61).

Winter Edition

Get it now on your Android device:

The Winter Edition brings an additional completely new stage, including 15 brandnew levels and 4 bonus levels. Level difficulty ranges from medium to hard (for experienced Maze Rat players)!

In Maze Rat you steer Sunny from cave to cave in order to reach the cheese. Caves are connected by tunnels that either crumble once passed or stay intact. Some caves will trigger nightfall or daybreak which impacts, whose turn will be next. You win a level by reaching the cheese or forcing Mr. Moon into a dead-end. You lose by stepping into a trap or being forced into a dead-end yourself.


Add ons:

+ still 100% free to play, no advertisements!
+ 1 new stage with individually designed winter theme
+ 15 more challenging levels and 4 additional bonus levels
+ winterly graphics and new theme song
+ optimized database structure
+ reworked completion-scenes
+ updated credits




Your Fantasy Arts Team

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