Creating the MVP

Try keeping a long story short…

“I never understood why you would ever feel the need to shoot the fish in the barrel. I mean, they’re in a barrel, you’ve already caught them. They can’t escape. So if you want them dead, just drain the water out. Why bring guns into it?”

Before digging ourselves too deep into the idea of creating a volleyball game, we have to find out how the minimal viable product looks like. In a kick of call, we defined a list of the basic features, that we wanted to provide in no time:

  • Flat 2D
  • 2 player placeholders
  • 1 ball placeholder
  • 1 net placeholder
  • 1 frame to keep the ball within
  • Based on Unity physics
  • Players can move and hit the ball
  • Both player controlls via keyboard

As supposed to, setting up a MVP is a pretty quick thing, so we finished the first playable test scene within about a day.

We feel pretty reliefed to find out that even this – shabby looking minimal – version is enough fun to carry on with our project.

This is the point, we really feel being ready to start hacking and just create…

Your Fantasy Arts Team

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