Maze Rat

Finally, our first release!

Maze Rat is a turn based brain twisting indie puzzle game suitable for all ages and available on Google Play.

Get it now on your Android device:

In Maze Rat you steer Sunny from cave to cave in order to reach the cheese. Caves are connected by tunnels that either crumble once passed or stay intact. Some caves will trigger nightfall or daybreak which impacts, whose turn will be next. You win a level by reaching the cheese or forcing Mr. Moon into a dead-end. You lose by stepping into a trap or being forced into a dead-end yourself.


Help Sunny the Rat to find his way through challenging labyrinths to finally grab a tasty piece of cheese – yummy!

Sounds simple, does it? In fact, it would be a piece of cheese, but for Sunnys alter ego Mr. Moon, who turns out at night and tries to lure Sunny into deadly traps unless the sun rises again. So better carefully watch your steps…

Will you accept the challenge and help Sunny to escape the mazes?

Maze Rat


+ free to play, no advertisements!
+ 3 stages with individually designed themes
+ 45 basic levels and additional bonus levels
+ challenging artificial intelligence
+ cute graphics, relaxing music and sounds
+ never-played-before game mechanics
+ in-game languages: English, German




Your Fantasy Arts Team

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