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Let us introduce ourselves…

The cradle of Fantasy Arts goes back to the days when good old 80286 PCs showed up in our nurseries for the first time. It was about at that time that we started our first attempts with coding in Basic and later on in Turbo Pascal and Borland C.


As we grew up, it happened that we lost focus of programing and instead developed into various professions that had only a little or nothing to do with programing anymore. More than 20 years later we decided to catch up on our childhood dream: creating own video games.

Photo_05 Photo_04

In the meantime, so many things have changed. There is a vast variety of professional tools that make developer lifes easier and are even free of charge. Learning the ropes of some of them took us much time during the last years but is – once again – one of the best things to waste spare time on!

Blender_01 Unity_01

Today, we are pretty excited that we finally made it. Our first indie game publication, Maze Rat, is now available for Android on Play Store. Though our main focus was to create a game to make up for our youth, we hope that some of you guys will enjoy playing our games, too.

Meet the team:

Till_00 Dom_00 Matthias_00


Fantasy Arts
c/o Dominik Wilhelm
Gottschedstr. 43
13357 Berlin


Stay tuned and enjoy,

Your Fantasy Arts Team

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